Portrait Locations

One of my goals as a portrait photographer is to make the most out of our time together, and by shooting in a select group of scenic locations that I am very familiar with, we can jump right in!

However, note that other locations may be available upon request.

Some suggested locations for portrait photo shoots:

Kensington Metropark in Milford (website):

I am very happy to shoot at any location on my list; however, this is my favorite! Kensington is easily accessible off of I-96, and available seven days a week, dawn until dark. It offers multiple locations for beautiful, scenic portraits, including a lovely farm, lakes, boardwalks, bridges, and nature trails. Another advantage is the availability of clean, indoor restrooms, which allows for prepping and easy changing of outfits during the shoot.

Most photo shoots start at the farm, and end on the nature trails. The farm is a great place to start since it’s easy to find within the park, and you can follow me in my car from there to the scenic boardwalk area and nature trails.

Note that for three of the sample videos on this website (second, third, and sixth video on the video sample page), every photo was taken at Kensington Metropark.

Also note that entrance to the park requires an annual permit, or a $10.00 (cash) per vehicle fee.

Downtown Northville (website):

Downtown Northville offers many beautiful photo opportunites, with its historic storefronts and a lovely flower-filled town sqaure.

Fuerst Park in Novi (website)

Fuerst Park in Novi also offers many beautiful photo opportunities, especially in the summertime when several of the park gardens are in bloom. The library offers convenient indoor restrooms for changing during libary hours.

*For Novi High School senior photo shoots- this location can be combined with shots taken at the high school, including at the stadium when open to the public.

Pavilion Shore Park/Lakeshore Park in Novi (website):

These two parks are less than a minute’s drive away from each other, and combined they provide several portrait opportunities. Pavilion Shore Park offers a beautiful view of Walled Lake, and Lakeshore Park offers wooded landscape scenes and, just for fun, two playground scenes with swings- perfect for tween photo shoots, or anyone who is playful and young at heart.

Both parks also offer indoor restrooms for prepping and changing during the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons.

Downtown Ann Arbor:

Downtown Ann Arbor is a fantastic place for a photo shoot...from Nikels Arcade, to outside the Michigan Theater, to Graffiti Alley, and more, there are several interesting, scenic and memorable places to take photos.

Please note- this location requires an extra 35.00 fee and is only available early Sunday mornings in order to avoid crowds. Also, for convenience, the parking garage closest to the downtown photo shoot location has free parking and is mostly empty at this time.

Please also note that for two of the sample videos on this website (first and fourth, on the video sample page), every photo was taken in downtown Ann Arbor.